Mobility as a Service

Mobility plays a big part in both the standard of living and quality of life. It is also a highly dynamic field in terms of both technological advances and changes in society. Recent economic growth is a driving force behind mobility. While we want our major cities to remain accessible and retain their quality of life, rural communities are falling prey to disintegration - due to a lack of accessibility.


We are seeing a growing demand for demand-driven transport and an emerging trend of integrating various forms of transport. This has made the use of IT in mobility solutions even more vital. Ride-sharing and self-driving vehicles will be an integral part of such mobility services in the future. Passengers will have the opportunity to complete their entire, door-to-door journey quickly, safely and affordably, using both existing and new modes of transport.

“All this increased activity means we need to work hard to use the existing railway infrastructure more efficiently. You need to increase train capacity to coax people out of their cars. It’s not going to be easy: even if just 10 per cent of motorists switched to public transport, we’d still need to double its capacity.”

Bert van Elburg, Director at InTraffic


Governments and businesses are looking for creative solutions in innovation and continued development in order to accommodate the growing demand for mobility. The mobility supply chain is working towards flexible and demand-driven transport, wants to adopt more sustainable standards and is actively looking to improve the efficiency of its material, equipment and infrastructure. IT plays a crucial part in all these trends and is a decisive and emerging factor in mobility. The growing amount of data available also plays a role in driving this trend.


InTraffic invests both in innovative IT resources and in improving its expertise in mobility. "We have been working with our clients and partners for over 15 years on developing smart IT solutions to complex mobility issues related to traffic management, infrastructure monitoring, travel information and new mobility concepts such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS)", Bert says. Innovation, sustainability and safety are key when it comes to improving traffic and transport systems and accessibility.

Working together to keep the Netherlands accessible

Every day more than 180 professionals work on complex mobility solutions within the chains of traffic control, infrastructure monitoring and travel information. Together with our clients we work on sustainable, innovative traffic & transport systems and improve mobility.

InTraffic: mastering mobility