Expansion to Sweden first step in strategy towards 2022

Jos Blejie, CEO ICT Group

In 2018, ICT Group celebrated its 40th anniversary and announced its strategy towards 2022 during the ICT Group Capital Markets Day. Acknowledging the serious demand the future holds for smarter cities, industries and healthcare, it is time for the company to leave all modesty behind and expand its leverage by broadening the scope.


Let me begin with a warm welcome to our new colleagues at Additude, one of Southern Sweden’s leading IT consulting firms located in Malmö. This acquisition is completely in line with our recently presented strategy to expand our business into new geographies and it is merely the beginning of the delivery on a promise. With the addition of Additude to the Group, ICT will benefit from an unique mix of competences and skills.


Life does begin at 40 and ICT Group is on top of its game. Looking at the future, we feel we’re ready. Ready to stay ahead, to guide our clients through digital transformation and to develop smarter solutions. With 40 years of experience, we can draw from a breadth of knowledge allowing us to create tomorrow’s smarter cities, smarter industries and smarter healthcare.

“At ICT Group we connect people,
technologies and ideas.”


In this magazine, we would like to share with you how we make the world a little smarter every day. Our people hold the key to our success and we would like to introduce some of them to you as they tell you about their projects. Furthermore you can learn a bit more about new members of the ICT Group: OrangeNXT, InTraffic and Additude. We are also very proud of CoLab, the initiative within ICT Group where we work together on ideation and social innovation. Please take a moment to read how we learn and inspire.

At ICT Group we connect people, technology and ideas. This is what drives us. Let’s develop the future together!