OrangeNXT accelerates innovation

OrangeNXT specialises in developing super-fast, tailor-made asset management, inspection and logistics solutions by using ready-to-use building blocks. ICT Magazine visited OrangeNXT, which has a workforce of 35 people, at their brand-new offices in Eindhoven.


"OrangeNXT is made up of three business units", says Managing Director Huub van der Linden. "First of all, MobileNXT, a SaaS solution for mobile workforces; secondly, ConNXT, an out-of-the-box IoT Cloud; and finally, an AI platform that allows us to analyse all of the IoT data and data from our mobile workforce. So we bring three things together: people, devices and data. In this way, we offer companies an out-of-the-box solution for their digital transformation."


OrangeNXT is a separate private limited-liability company (or 'BV', in Dutch). This option was chosen because ICT Group’s other business units have a different business model, in that OrangeNXT sells plug-and-play products as opposed to projects. "We noticed that when it came to asset management, inspection and logistics, we were facing the same challenges with very different clients. This gave us the idea to start developing ready-to-use building blocks we could custom-configure for each individual client, allowing us to get results much quicker."


It therefore comes as no surprise to Huub, that, less than six months after the official introduction, he has found himself looking to expand his team. "We currently have nine vacancies." So far, Huub has been able to fill any vacancies fairly quickly. "That’s because we’re a hip company working on cool products. Our clients are all extremely satisfied because they’re making such great progress with their digital transformation. This creates a great vibe and atmosphere in the team. Who wouldn’t want to work here?"

"Our clients are all extremely satisfied because they’re making such great progress with their digital transformation. This creates a great vibe and atmosphere in the team."

Huub van der Linden, Managing Director at OrangeNXT


During their first few months, the OrangeNXT team’s time was largely devoted to existing ICT Group clients who were looking to accelerate their digital transformation. Now, they are trying to keep up with the demand from new clients such as meal delivery company HelloFresh, who wants to equip their drivers with MobileNXT to be able to provide them with better support. The data collected by HelloFresh will be used to enhance the client experience.


Another new client is Sofa BV, an organisation that distributes medication for pharmacies and dispensing general practitioners. Sofa BV uses MobileNXT as a logistic control tower, to make the overall process, from writing a prescription through to dispensing medication, transparent. Huub: "Hospitals are starting to notice what we’re doing at Sofa BV. And they have their own logistical challenges, such as blood transport and blood testing services. We’re currently negotiating with a number of hospitals with a view to rolling out our concept on their premises."

Developments are ongoing, as OrangeNXT's Alliance Director John Koot explains: "We’re constantly improving OrangeNXT by utilising the new technologies that come onto the market. Our partnership with Microsoft plays a key role in this. We’re running OrangeNXT on the Microsoft Azure platform, and DigitalNXT uses the AI algorithms Microsoft provides. Our clients immediately benefit from every single Microsoft innovation."

Microsoft Chief Marketing & Operations Officer Cara Antoine adds: "Research by EY has shown that the Netherlands is among the countries with the highest AI maturity level. When compared to their European counterparts, Dutch companies attach greater value to collaboration with third parties. This is positive, because collaboration within ecosystems is key when it comes to utilising the full potential of AI. The partnership between OrangeNXT and Microsoft is a good example of this."


Despite being less than six months old, OrangeNXT is already expanding outside the Netherlands. "ICT Group has an office in Germany that’s now being turned into an OrangeNXT office. There’s so much demand from the German market that it will benefit us to have an office there with German-speaking staff. The next step is to branch out into Scandinavia, where we already have a number of clients, as we do in the UK and Belgium", Huub says.

When asked where this expansion will end, Huub answers: "Our plans are very ambitious. We’re keeping our exact goals under wraps, but I can tell you that we’ve already surpassed our initial goals."